Damavand Tour

Trekking Tour to Mount Damavand 5,670 meters. Damavand tour, is a journey to the tallest mountain in Iran. One of the volcanic seven summits in the world with the easiest access is this enormous volcano 18,600 ft. a notable but lesser-known summit that is quickly growing in popularity as a climbing tour and ski touring destination.

Damavand Summit
Damavand Tour
Damavand Trekking Tour

Damavand Trekking Tour 2023

The world's fastest 5,600-meter climb is undoubtedly a Damavand tour. The distance from Tehran's IKA International Airport to the first camp, Polour, is about two hours. You can reach Damavand summit quickly and see the scenery, landmarks, and natural splendor of this illustrious summit. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require any other services in Iran, such as cultural and historical excursions, domestic and international travel tickets, etc.

Damavand Trekking Tour
Most of you have probably had dreams about climbing Mount Damavand in Iran. You may now literally feel the attraction of this spectacular volcano by taking a Damavand tour. Stay in touch for further information as we work together to formalize all the arrangements into a Damavand tour package.

Damavand Tour
Damavand Tour
Mt. Damavand Hiking Tour

Damavand Hiking Tour 2023

Damavand Tours for Hiking and Trekking Damavand Iran. We are one of the top Damavand tour companies in Tehran, Iran, and we arrange Damavand mountaineering tour and Damavand ski touring. Offering a variety of upscale hiking excursions to the Iranian mountains, including the Damavand Mountain, for climbing and ski tours. From tough winter hikes up the Damavand to beginner-friendly summer excursions, these trip programs have it all. Every year, a large number of solo trekkers, climbing groups, and tour operators receive guiding assistance from our staff of highly qualified Damavand tour guides in Tehran. Damavand Guide provides the best services for arriving groups.

Highlights of the Damavand Tours
- The conical shape of Damavand Volcano and the presence of a volcanic crater.
- Abshar Yakhi, Damavand beautiful icefall, is located there at about 5,100 meters.
- Damavand is ranked as the second highest volcano in the northern hemisphere with a height of 5,670 m.
- Mt. Damavand is known as the roof of Iran and the Middle East and is the tallest peak in the region.

Mountaineering Expedition Tours Iran
Damavand Climbing Tour Expedition

Damavand Climbing Tour 2023

Damavand Private & Budget Tours
We provide two distinct sorts of trekking excursions to Damavand, which is Iran's highest point:
I. Private trips in Damavand and a VIP program.
II. The Damavand itinerary for a cheap group trip.

I- Private Damavand Climbing
For arriving foreign climbers and mountain tourists visiting Iran, this is a highly recommended completely personalized VIP tour package. It is very adaptable in terms of time, itinerary, services, assistance for Iran visa authorization codes, and other logistics in order to best fit your program. You might gain the most from a specially crafted journey with this tour package. A climbing tour of Damavand, a tour of Iran's top attractions, and every service necessary for your trip to Iran are all included.

II- Economic Damavand Climbing Tour
A group excursion, also regarded as a cost-effective option for lone climbers who like to split travel expenses with fellow mountaineers. Even though it does not come with a comprehensive package and is less flexible in terms of time and itinerary, a shared tour provides the essential services for a Damavand trekking vacation. It is made to make it possible for lone climbers to team up with mountaineers from other nations and ascend together while spending the least amount of money possible.

Damavand Tour
Damavand Tour
Mount Damavand Mountaineering Tour

Damavand Mountaineering Tour 2023

Private Damavand Mountaineering Tour Itinerary
Damavand private mountaineering trips are totally customized and advised for incoming tours and foreign mountaineers. One of the most popular summer vacation itineraries for the south route is this restful 5-day Damavand itinerary. The program shown here is merely an example; the departure city, duration, and other specifics are determined by the client. Feel free to alter this package to best fit your needs; for example, you can add an extra day if you need more time to acclimate or in case of inclement weather

Damavand 5 Days Itinerary South Route
Day 1: Transfer to Camp1 Polour.
Day 2: Transfer to Camp2 Base and to Camp3 Bargah
Day 3: Acclimatization day, go to higher than Camp3.
Day 4: Ascent to the top and descent back to the Camp3.
Day 5: Descent to Camp2 Base and transfer to Tehran.

Damavand Climbing Expedition Tours
Damavand Climbing Expedition Tours

IKA Airport Tehran Iran
IKA Airport Tehran, Iran
Day 1: Damavand Hiking Tour First Day
From IKA Airport or your hotel in Tehran , travel by automobile to 2,200 meters to Camp 1 Polour Resort. Just take a rest there to acclimate; refrain from strenuous exertion or climbing, and avoid breathing in Tehran's air pollution. Enjoy yourself tonight. Spend the night at Polour Hut, Camp 1. Polour Mountaineering Campsite, the first campsite for climbing Damavand hiking south trail, is a short distance from Tehran's IKA International Airport.

As part of a climbing tour program, you may quickly ascend to the summit of Damavand renowned peak to take in the scenery, landmarks, and natural beauty.

Saturday is the best day to start because there is less vehicle traffic and crowding in the shelters, refuges, and huts. Starting on Iranian weekends (Thursday and Friday) and Persian holidays is not a smart idea. See also the neccessary trekking equipment.

Depending on your arrival time, you can drive from your hotel in Tehran to the Damawand first campsite and the starting point of the mountain known as Polour Resort, which is located in Polour Village on Haraz Road in Mazandaran Province, on the first day of your journey to Iran. Enjoy the remainder of the day without any strenuous activity or climbing. a night spent in Polour Hut. Read more in Guestbook.

Trekking Mt Damavand Iran
Damavand Hiking Tour
Day 2: Damavand Trekking Tour Starting Day
After breakfast drive by 4W vehicle from Camp 1 to Camp 2 Base Goosfand Sara (3050 m). As well as a 4–6 hour hike to Camp 3 Bargah Sevom (4,250 m). There's no rush. Transfer by automobile to Camp 2 and then trek to Camp 2 of Damavand. Because off-road vehicles like Jeeps, Land Rovers, and compact trucks may access this campsite, Damavand Camp 2 or Base Camp (also known as Goosfand-Sara or mosque) serves as the beginning point of the Damavand Iran South Route throughout the summer.

It is preferable to begin your trip and depart the area as soon as you arrive at the second camp (read also the warning notes). To reach the third campsite, walk slowly and steadily for 4 to 5 hours. Observe the footprints. Finding the paths is simple when there is adequate visibility and proper weather. Starting your journey early in the day will give you enough time to go to the third campsite in plenty of time, where you can spend the remainder of the day acclimatizing at 4220 meters above sea level. Camp 3 tent, shelter, or new hut for the night. Visit Damavand Photo Gallery.

Damavand Camp3 New Hut
Damavand Camp3 Hut
Day 3: Damavand Climbing Tour Acclimatization Day
This day is for acclimatization; you are not here to set any speed records; instead, it is a preparation day for the main summit. Today, you may trek to around 4800 meters. Save your energy for tomorrow and take plenty of relaxation after your hike instead of starting out too early or going higher and exhausting yourself. Get an early night!

Today is a day of preparing for the enormous Damavand volcano! Your goal is to travel around 4800 meters. You are not here to attempt to break any speed or record records! Take it easy and go gently because you are in this place to acclimate. There's no need to get started early in the day or climb higher than necessary to weary your team or yourself. Keep your energies for tomorrow. After your hike, have plenty of time to relax. Get an early night!
At Camp3 New Hut, spend the night.

Mount Damavand Summit
Damavand Summit
Day 4: Damavand Mountaineering Tour Summit Day

Climbing the 5,670-meter-high Damavand Summit in Iran. The summit push is underway. Have a substantial meal after rising early (4 am). Look at the weather report. At around five in the morning, when it is still dark, begin the ascent to the summit.
Depending on your pace, level of fitness, and physical prowess and Damavand Weather you could reach Damavand volcano summit in 5 to 8 hours. Keep away from the sulfur escaping near the crater and retain your position at a more odor-free distance (it is irritating).

Congratulations! You've succeeded! No matter how many summits you've reached previously, this incredibly prominent mountain will always stand out as a remarkable climb. It is time to return; it will take about 3 hours to descend to the camp. You should take a few moments to recover, but do not linger too long. Camp3 New Hut for the night.

Damavand Volcano
Damavand Volcano

Day 5: Damavand Hiking Tour Finishing Day

There is no rush to return to camp 1 after a well-earned rest, one night of relaxation, and a satisfying breakfast. This is especially true given yesterday's significant attempt and early morning. For those whose knees hurt after descending, it could be a little challenging. Visit also Damavand Myths!

Drive back to camp 2 after spending one night resting at Bargah Sevom, then to camp 1. You have some free time, so you may visit the Thermal Spring at Abe Garm Larijan Town. There are public spas with tiny pools of mineral-heated water where you can relax and forget about your climb's tiredness. Remain in Tehran at your hotel. Program is over.
Tehran hotel for the night. More in Damavand Maps.

Damavand mountain
Mount Damavand Iran

Damavand Tour 2023

Tour of Climbing and Trekking in Damavand. The Damavand Tour is a hiking adventure that includes climbing and walking to reach Iran's highest peak, Mount Damavand, at 5,670 m. (18,600 ft). One of the largest mountains in the world that is easiest to reach for hikes, treks, and climbing adventures is this enormous peak. The climbing and Damavand ski touring scene in Damavand is steadily growing. It is a spectacular but lesser-known mountaintop. The Damavand journey may be the world's swiftest 5600-meter trekking excursion.

Please contact us if you require any additional services in Iran, from Damavand guide team like tickets for domestic and international travel, cultural and historical tours, etc.

Tours for Hiking, Trekking, and Climbing in Damavand Iran's Mount Damavand
We organize Mount Damavand Iran Tours for hiking, trekking, and climbing, with the best Damavand tour Price in Tehran, Iran. These trip plans include a range of luxury trekking tours to the Iranian slopes of the Damavand Mountain and others for mountaineering and ski tourism, including strenuous winter climbs up the Damavand and beginner-friendly summer excursions. Our team of exceptionally skilled Damavand tour guides in Tehran provide guiding support to a sizable number of individual climbers, climbing groups, and tour operators each year. For groups that are arriving, we offer the greatest services. Visit Mount Damavand Tours for useful information. Visit also Damavand Economy Tour, Damavand Weather.

Mount Damavand Summit

Best Damavand Trekking Tours 2023

The highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia, Damavand Volcano, is calling all trekkers for an epic trip! The Damavand Guide tour operator has organized numerous Iran hiking tours and adventure tours with great success. Years of practical experience with Damavand tours. In theory, all four seasons are suitable for climbing Damavand. The finest time of year is, of course is summer. Damavand touring is advised from June to September.

The widest range of Mount Damavand Iran tours and packages. Various trips, something for every preference.

Damavand economy tours begin at 260 Euros for full board. The largest selection of exceptional and breathtaking Damavand Mountain trips, including trekking, hiking, skiing, climbing. Outdoor activities, indigenous culture, and the breathtaking views of Damavand. Travel slowly to discover more of Iran's natural beauty. We provide full-day and half-day outdoor rock climbing excursions. We'll handle the planning while you concentrate on having fun! Reserve your memorable Damavand guided tour package.

The Damavand volcano is nicely sculpted. Because of its conical shape, there are numerous routes to climb Damavand. There are approximately 16 known ways to the summit, each with a distinct level of trekking difficulty. Some are extremely tough and need rock climbing skills. However, four trekking routes are well-known because they provide quality shelters or appropriate campsites in the middle for hiking tours.

Damavand Camp1 Polour
Damavand Camp1 Polour Resort

Tour of Damavand starting from the South Face

One of Iran's most well-equipped mountaineering complexes is Damavand Camp 1. When you take one of the Damavand trips, you can successfully and safely climb the mountain. With a fantastic new mountain resort at 4250-meter, the traditional south path is the most well-liked side for Damavand tours. Most climbers that travel to Damavand Iran prefer to take the southern route. The simplest and quickest way to climb Damavand Volcano is by taking a trekking excursion to the southern side. From Tehran, one can go by this route to Polour Village. You'll pass by some stunning scenery on this journey. Mount Damavand also can be climbed from the less traveled and historic ridges in the west, northeast and north routes. Read also Damavand Tourism Tips.

Damavand Camp2 Base (Goosfand Sara)
Damavand Camp2 Base

Hiking tour of Damavand via the Western Route

Damavand west trail is a basic mountaineering route with a modest walk-up grade, basic snow and cold conditions, and a very challenging descent. Simorgh Shelter is a shelter located at 4200 meters. A Damavand trekking excursion will take you through a variety of interesting and lovely landscapes. You'll see everything, including walking on top of clouds and exotic animals. Middle-level Damavand hike tour: traditional rise of 5670 meters; 4 to 5 days of trekking; You need to be fit enough to climb Damavand. You will see Lar National Park, which is abundant in wildlife and plants, from the top during this trekking tour. You could walk after you get to the summit of Damavand Peak. In Farsi, the shelter is known as Panagah Simorgh. Roc is what Simorgh signifies. The enormous mythical bird known as Roc is rumored to have eaten elephants and other massive animals. It is in the well-known book of Iranian folktales.

Damavand Camp3 Bargah Sevom Refuge
Damavand Camp3

Touring Damavand via the Northeast Route

Climbing tour from Iran's Damavand's northeast
For this tour, there will be two camps set up. Nandal village is the first or base camp, and the Takht-e Feridon shelter is the second and the high campsite. One of the most picturesque ways to reach Damavand Peak is by the northeast front of Damavand (Nandel village walk). Choose this route if you want to ascend Damavand or visit its attractions. Even photos cannot capture all of the natural beauty in Damavand's northeastern region. The Damavand north-east route is a challenging, arduous, cold, windy, and long-descending mountaineering route. At a height of roughly 4380m, it has a shelter named Takht-e Fereydoun. Damavand tour packages are most inexpensive through Damavand Guide: North-East Face Climbing Tour of Mount Damavand (5 Days). Choose from a variety of Iran vacation tour packages to book your ideal. Visit Damavand Timing.

Damavand Volcano
Damavand Volcano

Tour of Damavand's mountains from the North Face

Excursion tour to Mount Damavand for hiking by north face
Although the north face of Mount Damavand is thought to be the most challenging of the mountain's main routes, it may be argued that it is simpler than some of the less used, subsidiary climbs on Damavand. In general, because to the enormous height of this massive volcano, climbing to Damavand from any path is usually a challenging program. Enjoy your trekking tour to Damavand, the highest volcanic peak in the Middle East. Get immersed in the countless mysteries that this mountain's heart holds!

Damavand Volcano
Damavand Volcano

Damavand Ski Tour 2023

Tourism in Damavand: Damavand ski tour advisor is your finest source for information about Damavand ski, hotels, attractions, and restaurants. A group of highly skilled Iranian ski mountaineers, Damavand Mountain Guides, provides mountain guiding assistance for hiking, climbing, and Damavand ski tours. Damavand private ski trips are totally customized and advised for incoming tours and foreign mountaineers. One of the best itineraries for relaxed 5-7 days is the Damavand ski touring (classic program) 5670 meters, days of wild skiing. The difficulty level is high. You will ski across Damavand mountain and up Doberar Mountain. This journey involves climbing Mount Damavand and ski down from its peak.

Tours by Damavand Guide offers a variety of trips, including: Damavand trekking tour (4 days), Damavand ski expedition tour (5-7 days), Damavand climbing tour north-eastern route (5 days), and Mount Doberar ski tour plus Mount Damavand ski touring. We are Iran's top Damavand ski tour operator. Our mountain guides have the most experience. We plan a variety of events from our base in Tehran. All four seasons allow access to Mount Damavand, but it is generally agreed that summer hiking conditions are the best and winter conditions are the best for ski touring.

You will be climbing by ski to the peak of Damavand during this tour by the southern path, which is thought to be the simplest and goes through the huts with the greatest amenities. Use Damavand Guide as your ski tour organizer to find your way back to your journey. Damavand Tour has no hidden fees, so reserve with assurance. Free Damavand advice. Experience Damavand ski tour, yet convenient small group tours to get closer to the culture. Active travelers can enjoy exciting, affordable tours. book yours right away! Apply by email. More info for travelling to Iran in Iran Visa Authorization Code.

Damavand Ski Tour
Damavand Ski Tour

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We specialize in quality Damavand Tours. Leading Iranian mountain tour organizer. Climb to Damavand summit, Iran's highest peak. Read all the necessary information for Mt Damavand Iran before you go there. Climb Mt Damawand with the most experienced Iranian mountaineering group. Alborz Mountains trek/ski winter. Ski and trekking tour zagros Iran. Tour organizer alpinism, caving, hiking, trekking, eco-adventure. Adventure, climb, climber, expedition, guide, hiking, image, mount, picture, piste, photo, sightseeing, ski, snowboard, travel, trekking, visit.

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