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Mount Damavand Tour (MDT) serves as the official website for Damavand Info (also known as Mount Damavand Guide or MDG) Iran's premier tour organizer specializing in Mount Damavand hiking, trekking, mountaineering, climbing, and ski tours. Our team comprises highly experienced Iranian guides who primarily specialize in Mount Damavand adventures within Iran. We are pleased to provide information and services in the English language.

Mt Damavand Summer View
Mt Damavand Summer View
Damavand Mountain Trekking Tour

About Us

Embark on an unforgettable mountain adventure in Iran with the utmost in quality services.

At MDT, our guides are true experts in Damavand ascent tours. Some have scaled the Damavand summit over 100 times, earning membership in the exclusive Damavand Century Club. With their wealth of experience, these highly qualified guides are dedicated to ensuring your best possible chance of reaching the summit of the Middle East's iconic peak.

The Damavand Trekking Tour & Ski Tour Guide Team consists of seasoned mountaineers who have been exploring Iran's mountains for nearly four decades and guiding for three decades. We prioritize safety and deliver exceptional experiences during your time on the mountains.

We offer a wide range of top-quality trekking tours, catering to everyone from complete beginners looking for a simple summer hike to seasoned alpine-style winter climbers.

If you're planning a trekking tour or a ski touring expedition to Damavand, Iran, you've come to the right place to access all the essential information for an enjoyable and successful mountain tour.

Mt Damavand Summit July 2011
Mt Damavand Summit July 2011
Mojtaba Saghiyan (left) and Ardeshir Soltani Damavand Trekking Tour


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Damavand Summit Tour
Damavand Summit July 2011
Mount Damavand Hiking & Trekking Tours

Insurance Important Note

We highly advise you to obtain comprehensive all-risk insurance that includes coverage for medical expenses and evacuation from remote areas. Additionally, this insurance should encompass helicopter flights that may become necessary during the Mt. Damavand expedition.


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Damavand Summit
Damavand Summit Tour
Damavand Mountaineering Tour

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Mt Damavand Tour
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Climbing can kill you!

The primary objective of this topic is to raise awareness about the hazards associated with mountain climbing, particularly emphasizing the necessity for a certain level of mountaineering experience as a prerequisite for participating in a Mt. Damavand climbing tour.

High-altitude mountaineering, such as ascending Mount Damavand in Iran, ranks among the most perilous sports activities on the planet. Every year, climbers sustain injuries, encounter dangers, or tragically lose their lives. Frankly, it's challenging to identify a more hazardous sporting pursuit.

Regrettably, some climbers may not fully grasp the risks involved or may not treat them with the gravity they warrant. Understanding the reality of Damavand is nearly impossible unless you've experienced elevations of 5,000 meters or higher. Climbing up to 3,000-meter mountains does not automatically qualify someone for a 5,671-meter ascent. While certain equipment may be similar, the challenges are on an entirely different scale. Some individuals mistakenly believe that accidents only befall others or those who make errors, but the truth is that one can encounter injury or fatality in various ways on the mountain.

Even the most formidable climbers, such as Babu Chiri Sherpa, who conquered Mt. Everest, met their fate due to a simple misstep, falling into a crevasse and losing their life in 2002. This serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable and unforgiving nature of high-altitude mountaineering.

In the realm of mountain climbing, the two primary factors contributing to fatalities and injuries are adverse weather conditions and lapses in judgment. While many climbers place trust in weather forecasts, it's important to remember that these forecasts are just predictions and can occasionally prove to be incorrect. In the mountains, even the most accurate forecasts may not capture the full spectrum of Damavand Weather variability and can change rapidly, underscoring the importance of careful judgment and preparedness in every climb.

Climbing too slowly on the summit day can pose issues for some climbers. If they reach the summit later than planned, they risk encountering darkness and adverse weather conditions during their descent. This can significantly increase the challenges and dangers of the climb, emphasizing the importance of pacing and time management on summit days.

Avalanches and Falls

Falls and avalanches represent significant factors leading to injuries and fatalities in mountain environments, and it's crucial to acknowledge that everyone has their individual risk threshold when it comes to mountaineering. Mountaineering, by its very nature, is a high-risk pursuit, and individuals must assess their own tolerance for that risk.

Comparatively, many people sustain injuries or lose their lives in car accidents, train incidents, airplane crashes, criminal activities, or acts of terrorism within urban settings every year. In fact, these incidents often surpass the number of mountain-related incidents. It's a reminder that risk exists in various facets of life, and individuals must exercise judgment when evaluating the risks they are willing to undertake.

Even simple activities like traveling to a friend or family member's house carry a degree of risk. In all circumstances, it's essential to make informed judgments regarding the level of risk one is comfortable with, whether it be in mountaineering or everyday life.

Mt Damavand Iran Winter View
Mount Damavand Winter View

Mount Damavand Tours

Welcome to the specialists in Damavand Guided Tours and Ascents! We provide essential information for your Iran mountaineering adventure. Our team is your ultimate outdoor tour and travel guide, headquartered in Tehran. Whether you're interested in Damavand touring, trekking, hiking, mountaineering, or seeking pictures, photos, videos, and weather forecasts, we've got you covered.

Our Damavand Trekking Tours are tailor-made to ensure an unforgettable experience. We organize hiking, trekking, mountaineering, rock and boulder climbing expeditions. Explore Persian culture, history, nomadic lifestyles, and the Silk Road on our specialized tours. We prioritize safety during ascents to Volcano Damavand, offering the expertise of local Iranian mountain guides. Join our alpine-style mountaineering groups and visit the Persia Mount Tourism Information Center.

Experience adventure travel like never before with our guided tours. Explore our extensive photo, picture, and video galleries. We are specialists in guided tours, ready to make your Mt. Damavand adventure a memorable one, Guided Damavand Climbing Tour.

Count on us for specialist Mount Damavand guided climbing tours and ascents. Access essential information for your Iran mountaineering journey. We are your ultimate outdoor tour and travel guide, located in Tehran. Discover rock and boulder climbing tours, guided hiking and trekking adventures in Iran, and ski mountaineering and snowboarding in the Alborz & Zagros Mountains. We excel in organizing outdoor expeditions and adventure tours, providing technical insights for safe mountain climbs. Don't miss our Hiking Silk Road Tour and Damavand climbing tour. We specialize in crafting mountain tours and offering guided experiences for adventurers like you.

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