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Ski Mountaineering
Damavand is a favorite target for hiking trekking and climbing. Because of its 5671 meters (18,606 feet) great hight and easy approach from Tehran, it is becoming also a favorite goal for ski and snowboard in recent decade too.

In a good timing and season, it is possible to descend by ski about 12000 m on mild skiable slopes. Damavand resort is one of the world's best off-piste ski resort in the world.

Mt Damavand Iran in Winter Mount Damavand Ski Tour

South Routes Physical difficulty

Alpine style trekking up to 1400 m vertical in a day. Climbs involving 1400 m+ of vertical climbing above 4000 meters. The south route is famous for its non-technical mild slopes, ascend to the peak is technically easy but physically moderate and this level demand that you should be fit enough and really in good shape, the main challenge is acclimatization and weather. There is 5 to 8 hours day-trek with big ascents and 3 to 4 hours descents. Preliminary trekking/mountaineering experience is a big advantage.

Note that during some days in the tour, you may personally carry your baggage, which is naturally an additional difficulty. No rock/ice climbing experience is needed in summer.

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Mount Damavand Facts and Figures
Mount Damavand Facts and Figures

Changing weather conditions even in the middle of summer play an important role when trekking. In summer trekking, Damavand difficulty and climbing grade is similar to Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mt Everest Base Camp in the Himalayan, but in winter condition it is a complete different story and it can be compared to a 7000 meters summit. Keep in mind that even in summer a successful climb is possible only in a good weather and correct timing. Off-season mountaineering specially in bad weather is very hard and dangerous.

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Mount Damavand Winter Climb
Mount Damavand Winter Climb

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Damavand Favorite 5 Days Itinerary for South Route
Day 1: Arrival to Tehran, Transfer to Camp1.
Day 2: Transfer to Camp2 Base and ascend to Camp3
Day 3: Acclimatization day, go to higher than Camp3.
Day 4: Ascent to the top and descent back to the Camp3. Day 5: Descent to Camp2 Base and transfer to Tehran.

Alt:    5,671 Meters, 18,606 Feet
Lat:   35- 57-19 N
Lon:   52-06-36 E

Road Distance from Tehran: 80km
Best Starting point: Camp1 Polour.
Best Climb/Ski Side: South Route.

Best Climbing Time: mid June To mid August.
Best Ski/Snowboard Time: December to mid May.
Most Updated Weblog: Mount Damavand Guide.

Most Informative Website: Damavand Info:

Volcanic Status: Potentially active (Dormant with fumaroles at the summit).

Rank: Highest peak in Iran, Highest volcano in Asia. Second highest volcano in the norther hemisphere.

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Mt Damavand Winter View
Mt Damavand Winter View

Damavand has 4 main climbing routes, the popular side is the south face, most people prefer to summit from this route, it is the best and most recommended side for the newcomers and beginners, due to its easy accessibility from the mega city Tehran, ascent to the peak is also shorter and easier.

Tour difficulty and climbing grade
Route type: Basic mountaineering
Difficulty: Moderate walk-up, easy descend.

Mount Damavand Winter Climb Damavand Iran

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Mount Damavand Facts and Figures
Damavand Nature in Summer

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